Why Dentures Over Implants May Still Be Preferred


It is widely known by both dentists and their patients that implants, when required, are a lot more effective than the good old fashioned dentures which many a grandfather and mother will still be wearing. But if implants are so much better, why are people still opting for dentures? The decision or recommendation can only be initiated by the dentist. But his diagnosis may determine that the patient’s oral and bone/jaw structure are just not suited to implants.

That being said, it seems almost unfair to those patients who have no alternative but to settle for dentures. Because those patients who have been fitted with the more effective implants are seemingly so much more better off. That may have been the case a while back, but even so, today implant supported dentures vero beach fl work could still be possible. And if that is the case, then so much the better for the affected patients.

That explanation out of the way, let this informational article finish by highlighting some features of the more effective dental implants. Those who are equipped with dental implants will be enjoying improved cosmetic finishes. At the same time, this could be true for those still wearing dentures. But now prepared with supporting implants. No matter how much work was done in the past, dentures have this tendency to loosen after prolonged wearing.

But the implants now keep them in place and prevent them from ‘slipping and sliding’. And the result is a more settled look. And more smiles.

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Other features of wearing implants are that they prolong the life of prepared oral structures, including dentures. They also contribute towards preserving the health of teeth and gums. And perhaps most important is that they help prevent serious direct and indirect diseases from occurring.