What It Means To Be Conscious While Sedated


Imagine this then. Imagine being fully conscious while an important medical procedure or surgical operation is being performed on you. There are numerous case studies that reveal where this is likely to transpire. One example is that of performing a colon inspection. The insertion of the diagnostic devices is known to be quite unpleasant. But it is not painful. It certainly is uncomfortable, however.

Hence the need for conscious sedation. But while you are ‘awake’ during the procedure, you are able to monitor all events on a digital flat screen positioned to the side of the operating table. Of course, the medical specialist needs this tool as well. Another conscious scenario if you will. It is by now common practice for dentists to be utilizing conscious sedation during their procedures. The fact that a dental procedure is painful is now confined to the annals of myth.

conscious sedation certification for dentists

Even so, alert patients have every reason to remain concerned. For first-time patients there could be questions. And they have every right to be asking them. And so they should. In fact, these lines go as far as suggesting that specialist practitioners would readily encourage this. The more you know the better. Knowledge is power, and it certainly does give you some peace of mind. Speaking of which, rest assured.

Rest assured that all dentists do need their conscious sedation certification for dentists before burrowing their way into their patients’ oral cavities. In fact, go as far as saying that not being certified to administer conscious sedation or any other form of anesthesia for that matter, could very well be a form of malpractice and could be challenged to be downright illegal. Conscious while sedated places you in a comfort zone but you are no less aware.